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Since 2016, Hostfully has helped thousands of vacation rental managers earn revenue and deliver an outstanding customer experience. Their solution is currently live in 80 countries and has served hundreds of thousands of vacation rental guests. In February 2019, Hostfully reached out to us to revamp their outdated visual branding to better represent the company mission and values and solidify their customer base.

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Through multiple briefing sessions, we learned that Hostfully's audiences are professional industry experts who are looking for sophisticated tools and solutions to manage and grow their short-term rental businesses. In the process, we also learned that Hostfully had a team full of fun and friendly people who happened to be passionate vacation rental managers, travelers, and problem solvers.


The logo conveys the feeling of highly sophisticated yet user-friendly products and solutions, while visually representing the company’s commitment to help grow their users’ short-term rental businesses.


Blue conveys professionalism, reliability, trustworthiness, while green represents revenue and growth. Together, they further communicate Hostfully’s core values and key user benefits.


Product illustrations were key part of elevating the Hostfully brand. All of the icons were handcrafted for each of the product features to show the care and effort that went into building the highly robust and advanced features.


Although we weren’t commissioned to create the designs for Hostfully’s actual assets, we wanted to showcase the new brand’s exciting possibilities on various platforms.

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